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Frank Jadevaia, President Simplifying the Delivery of IT

Today, InterCloud Systems offers a unique combination of advanced IT problem solving technology and world class IT consulting services. New technologies and their successful application to real world IT problems, are at the core of InterCloud’s proposition and philosophy. The evolution of the company has been a fascinating journey.

Over the last 3 years we have evolved into an innovative and energetic provider of secure, enterprise and carrier grade, virtual IT products and services. InterCloud Systems builds upon many of the leading innovations from the open source community to construct and deliver its own unique intellectual property. These include attributes like software-defined network’s (SDN)/ network function virtualization (NFV), big-data analytics, containerization, security and micro segmentation, all wrapped up with our meta-orchestration platform.

The combination of our meta-orchestration platform, underpinned by a complete and robust set of cloud infrastructure components allows us to provide a complete, self-administered set of solutions. Without the use of advanced virtualization, SDN, NFV and analytical technologies none of this would be possible. InterCloud’s innovation has simplified the delivery of IT from what would be months of planning, procurement and installation down to minutes, using our simple meta-orchestration user interface and automation capabilities.

Ensuring Seamless Transition to Cloud

The demands placed upon CIOs have increased dramatically in a relatively short period of time. Today’s CIO is a critical contributor to the business success of any enterprise. Gone are the days when a company’s IT was a cost that it had to bare and a set of loosely coupled tools with which employees communicated. Today, IT is the key business enabler, the primary means of reaching, serving and supporting customers. Without a flexible and agile IT infrastructure, businesses struggle to meet their customers’ needs or growth objectives.

CIOs know cloud-based solutions offer a very powerful set of tools with which to deliver the agility and flexibility that’s required. However, their use and application is not without challenge and complexity. It’s still the case that CIOs see Security at the top of their agenda; workload migration to the cloud is a complex undertaking requiring careful thought, planning and execution. Some workloads are not suitable to move, others are ideal. Workloads that depend on sensitive data, or workloads that have many different points of integration into existing business processes, may not be suitable for migration. This is where InterCloud’s consulting skills come to the fore. We can help customers adopt new approaches to the provision of IT in the way that best suits their needs and aspirations. We will listen, architect and deliver the very best solutions, mixing cloud hosted and private infrastructure in a seamless, integrated and fully orchestrated manner as described earlier. InterCloud offers a complete Consult, Design, Build, Operate and Transfer (CDBOT) service based on ITIL standards. We can provide an innovative proof of concept service– “PoC as a service”–where we will build representative examples of the new solutions we are recommending. This is key to providing pain free introduction of new techniques and technologies based on tested and confirmed performance characteristics.

CIOs tell us every day they need a trusted partner, who can help them make the change to new processes and solutions. They tell us they need help to realize the full business impact the cloud promises but without pain or missed steps, something they simply cannot afford. At InterCloud, we believe we are the partner, CIOs need, and we’re here to help.

Strategic Partnerships Anchoring SDN Enabled Cloud Solutions

We recently initiated a very exciting new development. It is founded upon the relationship between Juniper Networks, Canonical and InterCloud and will represent, we believe, a crucial service proposition solving business problems for our joint customers. It is clear that SDN enabled cloud solutions deliver a myriad of benefits, however, implementation can be complex and intimidating. Our combined solution aims to deliver the services necessary to provide a complete consultation, design and POC service. Juniper Networks contributes its Contrail SDN and NFV solution. Canonical provides the industry’s most widely deployed OpenStack distribution.

InterClouds innovation has simplified the delivery of IT from what would be months of planning, procurement and installation down to minutes, using our simple meta orchestration user interface and automation capabilities

InterCloud contributes its NFVGrid orchestration platform and a high caliber consulting services and implementation capability. Together, the three companies plan to evolve the Virtual IT and cloud services delivery market. We will enable the simple, and efficient integration and consumption of SDN enabled cloud solutions into both private and hybrid environments.

DPOD—InterCloud’s Converged Cloud Solution

We are working on a number of products based on cutting edge platforms and technologies. One product I would like to highlight is DPOD (our Converged cloud solution). It's been in development for more than a year now and it will launch soon. At InterCloud, we see customers requesting private/hybrid clouds with the latest features like SDN/NFV, containers, and CEPH based storage. We built DPOD in conjunction with Juniper Networks and Canonical in order to respond to these requirements. This solution is built using Juniper Networks world-class routing, switching and security solutions. We also use Canonical's Ubuntu OpenStack distribution to provide a sophisticated yet simple orchestration layer via Juniper Networks Contrail™ software. Canonical is the market leader in world-wide OpenStack deployments and InterCloud has leveraged its expertise, together with Juniper Networks’ to build a shrink-wrapped private cloud solution. The hardware layer makes extensive use of Juniper Networks hardware portfolio, including its QFX Series switching and MX Series routing products. Today, InterCloud ships three solution models (DPOD 100, DPOD 200 and DPOD 300). These three packages deliver a very scalable and cost effective solution to the rapid construction and operationalization of private cloud solutions.

InterCloud DPODs are deployed directly into our data centers, in our customers’ data centers, co-location facilities, service provider data centers, in fact any environment where private cloud solutions are deployed or offered as a service. These deployments are automated, fully orchestrated and benefit from full management and support by our highly skilled engineering teams. Solutions like DPOD, in essence, crystalize the unique value InterCloud offers. We take new technologies, often complex, cutting edge and unfamiliar; we embroider them into valuable integrated solutions. These solutions are driven by simple, yet sophisticated orchestration and automation technology abstracting the inner workings and simplifying the user experience. In short, we turn complexity into simple, easily consumed value. We do this in a consultative fashion and back our product innovation with the best professional services available anywhere in the industry.

A Complete SDN/NFV Management Solution

The ability to create and deploy virtual compute infrastructure has brought new flexibilities, freedom and opportunities to CIOs across the IT market. On their own, these capabilities are incomplete. Why has virtual compute capacity that takes seconds to create and weeks to deploy? Software defined networking and network function virtualization together solve this problem.

We have worked closely with Juniper Networks and its market leading Cloud Network Automation platform, Contrail, and Canonical to build a complete and integrated solution to the problem of defining cloud networking. As a result, InterCloud now possesses some of the industry’s finest skills in the design and deployment of Contrail into enterprise environments. In addition, we have developed an orchestration capability built on top of an open environment with Contrail and Ubuntu Open Stack software to provide a complete SDN/NFV management solution. It provides a comprehensive life-cycle management solution for the creation and management of virtual network functions (VNFs). It also offers an extensive suite of monitoring and analytical functions leveraging Juniper Networks NFVs. These features are essential to the construction of modern enterprise IT solutions be they private or hybrid environments.
“We envision a world where the creation and consumption of IT is a dynamic and fully automated experience”

En route to Fully Automated Service Acquisition Platform

We envision a world where the creation and consumption of IT is a dynamic and fully automated experience. Imagine a world where there is no need to possess a deep understanding of the underlying IT hardware or software. In this world there is no need to be askilled practitioner in the deployment of complex compute, esoteric networking or unwieldy application deployments. All of that complexity is hidden, abstracted and presented to the consumer in a way they understand. The result? IT will be completely self-service in nature. The infrastructure will be self-monitoring and self-healing. Sophisticated analytics will automatically anticipate utilization demand, identify security threat levels and optimize infrastructure dynamically based on prevailing conditions. Users will be able to self-provision their IT needs from a simple, portal-based interface into a fully orchestrated IT service delivery system. The user in this case could be a CIO, IT Operations professional, a development team or a new employee at a hot desk creating their email account, Unified Communications service and customer relationship management tools. In short, a simple to use, very consistent and fully automated service acquisition platform.

Our innovation lab focused projects:
1. Machine learning analytics of network packets and logs
2. Carrier grade VNFs (Containers and DPDK)
3. Instant cloud-to-cloud mobility
4. Tiered storage for IoT
5. Centralized SaaS management
6. DPOD/private cloud
7. SDN solutions for transport layer

Network-as-a-Service (NaaS)

InterCloud’s Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) offering is an ETSI ISG NFV framework based NFV and cloud orchestration platform. The platform enables our network service provider and enterprise customers to quickly launch network functions. Imagine being able to rollout your entire network, compute and storage infrastructure from a single intuitive and consistent orchestration system. The projects that once took months to finish can now be completed in hours with readily available skills and a simple, repeatable workflow. SDN makes it possible to deploy, configure and modify networking on the fly and Juniper Networks Contrail software provides the best underpinning Cloud Network Automation platform upon which to base such a capability. NFV grid provides the orchestration interface from which the IT team can deploy and maintain the network without dealing with its underlying complexity.

In addition to providing the NFV grid platform, our professional services arm makes the introduction of these technologies easy and painless for our customers. From an operational perspective, InterCloud becomes the single service partner able to support the entire architecture, including multiple vendors and technologies. Completing the proposition, our platform provides open APIs to ensure interoperability with different OSS/BSS components, cloud management systems, SDN controllers, and virtualized network function (VNF) managers.

The Uniqueness of the Meta- Orchestration Layer

Our team is innovating every day to bring the best solutions to market constructed from the latest, cutting edge technologies. We believe our differentiation comes from our ability to provide industry leading consulting skills, combined with the ability to deliver fully integrated, user managed IT infrastructure providing agility, scale and applications on demand. We wrap this up and present it to our customers via our unique meta-orchestration layer, which has the following key attributes

a) It enables our customers to administer their own physical infrastructure within their own facilities and their virtual capacity in the cloud. It enables them to view their IT estate as a single, coherent environment providing simple, consistent provisioning and management irrespective of the nature or location of the infrastructure.

b) Using orchestration not only can we create virtualized compute and storage but we can deliver key enterprise applications as a service including email, backup, Unified Communications and other functions, all from a single source. Using the same provisioning and management user interface is critical to accomplishing this and we’ve made it extremely simple.

c) In combination with our partners and leveraging our long-standing telecommunication expertise, we can deliver all of the above in a geo-distributed fashion. This enables us to offer our customers a fully distributed, secure virtual data center solution providing best in class user control, performance, resilience and security.

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