Computex Technology Solutions: Generating Advanced Networking Solution through Juniper

Sam Haffar, President & CEO
"In today’s networking world, it’s critical to have high-performance network systems that are extremely stable and secure,” begins Sam Haffar, President and CEO of Computex Technology Solutions. As the way the usage of network technology has evolved for enterprises in recent years, organizations demand an agile network infrastructure that adapts to the change and enhances the existing network software. Through Juniper Networks’ partnership, Computex Technology Solutions, designs and executes tailored high-performance technology infrastructures to renovate the network enterprises and improves efficiency.

With a goal to assist customers to transform their businesses through technology, Computex was established in 1987. Headquartered in Houston, TX, the company’s core expertise lies in virtual infrastructure, cloud computing, business continuity, data storage management, networking, client computing and managed IT services. Computex implements end-to-end services and solutions that include proficiency and resources to install suitable Juniper solution to the client.

Computex’s Advanced Networking Solution assists clients to generate an advanced networking solution that keeps the business on the radical. “The solution provides a single unified infrastructure to deliver data reliably and seamlessly, and also enables central management to reduce costs,” adds Haffar.

Computex recommends Juniper’s products such as routing/switching design and implementation, wireless networks, outdoor mesh and indoor Wi- Fi deployment, security assessment, IPS/Firewall/SSL VPN, load balancing, WAN optimization and network management to clients. In addition to Advanced Networking Solution, Computex offers Juniper’s Private Cloud Solution that implements proprietary private clouds built on virtualization and converged infrastructure, as well as secure access and global application distribution. “Armed with a private cloud, the corporate network and data center administrators can maximize the effectiveness of shared resources,” adds Haffar.

The company also provides Data Center Solution that aids the clients to implement data center assets with a range of Juniper’s data center technologies and services to meet the increasing business requirements.
For instance, one of Computex’s clients, Wenger Corporation, a performing arts organization solicited a transition to Juniper Networks from their existing data center core networking equipment. Computex assisted in implementing Juniper Networks’ JUNOS operating system, EX4200 switches, and GUI on the client’s system. With Computex’s assistance the customer swiftly configured a number of Juniper’s switches as they shared a common GUI. The Juniper management GUI is innate and supportive for remote maintenance and was flexible to utilize for the client. “This implementation of data center project led our company open to new opportunities as Computex and Juniper Networks worked together to simplify and secure the network, overall cost savings and increasing performance for the client,” explains Haffar.

“Through teamwork, perseverance, innovation, and trust, Computex has become a transformative and strategic business partner to hundreds of corporations throughout the U.S.,” says Haffar. To stay ahead of the competition the company pursues three core values—integrity, accountability and client satisfaction, and employs a diverse team of trained solution architects to deliver high-performance IT infrastructure solutions to the customers.

Through teamwork, perseverance, innovation, and trust, Computex has become a transformative and strategic business partner to hundreds of corporations

Forging ahead, Haffar plans to expand the company’s IT services footprint and enhance customer experience by expanding its infrastructure. Currently the company’s infrastructure includes more than 50 solution architects, three integration facilities, two advanced network operations center, private data centers and premier certifications. "By unifying under one brand and leveraging all our technical talent with the top industry certifications, we will be a stronger company," Haffar concludes. "We will continue to open offices in other states and look at strategic acquisitions to grow the business in the near future."

Computex Technology Solutions

Houston, TX

Sam Haffar, President & CEO

Provides a single unified infrastructure to deliver data reliably and seamlessly, while at the same time enables central management to reduce costs