Carousel Industries: Smart Solutions to Enhance Network and Communication Systems

Jeff Gardner, Co-Founder & CEO
Since the beginning of the third millennium, the world has witnessed radical innovations in the field of networking technology. With the advent of virtualized data centers, wireless networking solutions, and unified communication systems, it has become indispensible for companies to reinforce their overall networking framework. However, lacking these imperative requisites prevents companies from delivering to their full potential, hindering overall development. To fulfill this necessity, Carousel Industries,a networking firm, leverages Juniper’s vast collection of network enhancement tools to provide clients with efficient networking infrastructures. “We design, deliver, manage and support enterprise and mid-market level technology solutions that include virtualization, unified communications, and data infrastructure solutions,” says Jeff Gardner, Co-founder and CEO, Carousel Industries.

The Exeter, RI based company has relentlessly delivered superior data networking infrastructure, virtualization and enhanced security solutions to its clients. Utilizing Juniper’s networking prowess, Carousel has formulated a suite of Data Networking solutions to optimize business operations through easy collaboration, ubiquitous access, remote accessibility, and overall communication management. This suite of data solution plays an imperative role in delivering cost-effective wireless data transfer, enhanced security functions and enterprise-wide visibility to organizations. “Carousel's wireless networking and virtualized data transfer solutions can be mainly credited to Juniper’s products such as the MX and EX series Ethernet switches,” affirms Gardner.

In addition, Carousel has successfully provided an extensive collection of wireless solutions to their clients after employing Juniper’s edge switching routers. This helps organizations to boost their existing wireless infrastructure, with detailed network assessment and planning. In close juxtaposition with their network assessment procedure, Carousel evaluates the mission-critical networking components of an organization. Subsequently, they design a comprehensive wireless coverage throughout the facility along with a suitable bandwidth allocation and security enforcement. “Carousel engineers design an organizations wireless ecosystem to specifically create an infrastructure to support customized business objectives,” says Gardner.

With a vision to revolutionize mobility, virtualization and networking architecture, Carousel has helped a wide array of organizations to construct wireless network infrastructures.
For instance, East Greenwich High School situated in Rhode Island, was set to implement a wireless education system and upgrade their Ethernet data switches to incorporate better security and bandwidth management. The main challenges faced by the high school were to design and implement a wireless network infrastructure and regulate student access to selective services. Carousel Industries successfully replaced the legacy network switches with Juniper EX3300 and EX4200 Ethernet infrastructure and configured network solution sets to deliver granular security control to East Greenwich High School.

We design a completely customized end-to-end network framework and additional onsite support services for a client's organization to enhance business activities

Carousel Industries, along with its wide-ranged network infrastructure solutions, architects and integrates the best applications from preeminent technology providers into solutions to solve business networking problems. Carousel’s unique ability to design and deliver personalized enterprise communication systems has helped many clients in attaining faster rate of operation and augmented effectiveness. In addition, Carousel provides onsite technical and engineering support to clients during any network infrastructure concern. “We design a completely customized end-to-end network framework and additional onsite support services for a client’s organization to enhance business activities,” concludes Gardner.

Carousel Industries is presently focused on offering high quality networking solutions to their clients. Moving ahead, the company is keen on assisting more companies belonging to the Fortune 100 category apart from various SMEs. To be at par with ever-changing needs of networking landscape, Carousel is also in pursuit of partnering with various IT firms to develop simplified unified communication systems.

Carousel Industries

Exeter, RI

Jeff Gardner, Co-Founder & CEO

Provider of data networking solutions to help optimize business operations through easy collaboration, enterprise wide visibility, remote accessibility, and enterprise-wide visibility